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Explore this new world where you stand on is wood, Really hard to manuever around resources, JUST MINESHAFT! Preset: Copy: 2;100x0;3;stronghold,biome_1,decoration,dungeon,mineshaft Challenges =============== -make a wooden house - get iron tools - get a bed - kill enderman - Find the stronghold (VERY VERY HARD) -Make a cobblestone generator (HARD TOO) -Get dirt (Not joking but its kinda hard :P) -Get food (Yeah, this is challenging in the gameplay) IF you done the challenges, Shout it on the comments :) Play with friends! Type /spreadplayers in the console!
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Infomercial - Apayao
Welcome to Apayao, Philippines - We do not own the pictures and videos used in the video. DISCLAIMER! The video editing software is Wondershare Filmora.
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Logic Simulator: FULL ADDER
This is a simple adder. this is better understanding how this works. NOTE: Since I upload MC vids, this is connected with redstone. Take note of that! Want to try this AMAZING software? ITs free :D as long as you play it online. www.logic.ly/demo
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Sequence Config lock - Minecraft
Easy-Config lock, You can easily change the passcode, that is why it is called "Config". PS. I made a new intro! and.... a new software for editing :)
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CODELAPSE: Give command generator for minecraft 1.7+
Since 1.7 added data tags to /give.. I wrote this program. This program is very elaborate at generating and easy to manipulate. Enjoy :) PS. My code is really incompact.. it took 300 lines to write this simple yet complex app. Also, I use a lot of 'if' statements lol compatible with WINDOWS. No mac or linux unfortunately DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1fQMlld if bit ly didn't work. Try this : http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/windows17map-making-tool-give-command-generator-no-need-of-memorizing-that-stupid-data-tags-version-10/ =================================== Whoopsies.. forgot to credit the music creator.. Music by kevin macleod : "The complex" www.incompetch.com
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Portal 2 Custom test chamber: "Puzzlicious # 1" - Solution
This is my first test chamber I made in portal 2. This shows the solution. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS This puzzle is solvable(This isn't a sarcasm). The map link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=242030441
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Using the same software as my first codelapse. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/xtlq070f9jimac1
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Minecraft Enhancement Test: SURFACE
Same enhancement test but on a SURFACE. Subscribe! Appearently, After 1:08 , I kept getting chunk errors, Sorry :/
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Minecraft: Using cauldrons as combination locks or hidden entrances!
I used the new 1.6 mechanic to make cauldrons output power using comparators!
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Having fun with bukkit: Homing arrows
I've been testing plugins that I wrote. I found this interesting and shared with you guys! :D
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Minecraft Cinematic: Going down to the ruins - Diamond temple
Simple Cinematic that you are doing down on a ruin. You found a portal that leads you to the ultimate material, A diamond.
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Here is a new world type in 1.7 that makes HUGE mountains/skylands! Check out on the wiki for more information. Of coarse theres more stuff added on 1.7, But this is an awesome one.
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This is why you should not be my surgeon!
THIS IS NOT MINECRAFT! This is surgeon simulator 2013 :) IT CONTAINS BLOOD AND GORE, Be careful Note: I was gonna record a quick gameplay, but this happend...
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Minecraft: Seamless hallway chest trap
I made a new trap that takes advantages of piston extenders that makes a player fall to the lava that they think it is a decoration.
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CODE-lapse : Calculator
Using TurboC application to code a program that can Add, Subtract, Multiply and Divide 2 values. Its very simple and I use a 1988 Compiler :P Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?9ypnmk8xcvvw29w Incase you want it :P
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Aaaaand kaboom
Death in less than a second
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Minecraft Combination Lock: 360!!! ALL SIDES LOCK!
Here is a new Combination lock design. It is very unique that this lock can be placed on anywhere! *NOTE*: the bottom lock is buggy, its budded :C
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[MineplexQuadruple report... another one.
Yey! More reports! Names: CraftDigMine22, Trickster534, TheCommandBlock and nitro_bugs_bunny
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Not even close
Rift herald too stronk. Report scripts plz
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The time where Videogamedunkey rekt doublelift
The REEEAL doublelift. THe future was predicted
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Minecraft Enhancement Test: NETHER
Testing the mods I have. Subscribe! :)
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ADC in 2k17 LUL
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TEAM VP - Over and Under
AVP for PE1 2nd qtr of sy2017-2018 Music used: Moana's "how far ill go" Piano cover (insert name here, sorry to the owner) YME -Tilt Tobu -Summer breeze Eminem - Rap God instrumental J. Strauss - Blue Danube waltz Diviners - Tropic love [Ncs release] Credits to other media used that were not properly identified.
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Slugbo_1 - Deliquent hacker.
Yes, I was using void the whole time. It's clear that he was hacking. Look closely how he can't get knocked back. Rangers can't get no knocked back unless it's a hacking ranger! Noob.
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Minecraft Enhancement test: MINING
Testing the mods on mining situation.
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Minecraft traps: Carpet style!
Simple build for people who wants to build seamless traps using carpets, it can be as big as you want! Tilable BIG BUILDS COMMING SOON, Subscribe :)
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Minecraft - HEV suit on 1.7 (13w42a) COSTUM SOUNDS!
Finally, everyone is waiting for, COSTUM SOUNDS! This is extremely useful on maps, but for now, I only used it on a schematic, if you play half life, you know what HEV suit means! This version is VERY bugged and messy, this is just a "For Fun and Boreness" thing. This dont use any mods, only the new snapshot and a soundpack/resourcepack. LINK: http://www.planetminecraft.com/project/hev-suit-in-13w42b/
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