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How to give your plants CO2 when you cant afford a CO2 generator

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TheKiwiGamer (3 months ago)
Why the hell is this age-restricted?
D Holly (7 months ago)
Can she show us lol
Al Pig (9 months ago)
got some more great ideas down here in the comments thank you all.. also can try his technique plus one of the ones below like the yeast and sugar.. great job man thanks for the knowledge..
DotAVIguy (9 months ago)
2 words "sugar wash" 1 tspoon yeast and cup of sugar in a 2 liter bottle works wonders, don't wast soda my dude's
StarDelta-9 (9 months ago)
Just found your channel hit me back ty for the tip
SEMPER PROGRATIS (10 months ago)
How do you measure what amount of CO2 is being released from the spray bottle?
joselino cortez (10 months ago)
Talk about your life to the plant. You release co2 when you exhale and it's probably more affective and less harmful to the plants, will also save you some money in the long run.
Ridge Way (10 months ago)
Well done mate. Looks exactly like thay should
Soluna668 (10 months ago)
Baking soda and vinegar, or sugar and yeast. Not enough co2 in the water bro
Kristian Johansson (11 months ago)
I use a sodastream push it 2-3 Times’ a day
B b (11 months ago)
Holy fuck.
Monarch garden (11 months ago)
Damn what happened to your grows you stop you just kick some knowledge rite there niiice
wayne thorne (1 year ago)
Bad advise. Smoke another joint.
hiraldo mcgoo (1 year ago)
seal room and have lotsa sex,..works ev time
Kane ButSoABLE (7 months ago)
hiraldo mcgoo MARRY ME! ,😉😘
Kane ButSoABLE (7 months ago)
hiraldo mcgoo marry me... We will NEVER go budless... Not that I do now but your idea just sounds so fun...😋😉
Yuri (7 months ago)
hiraldo mcgoo awesome!
Rusty shackleford (11 months ago)
hiraldo mcgoo by this video i would say he is a virgin
kpharck (1 year ago)
CO2 fire extinguisher or dry ice ?
My Road Tours (1 year ago)
Dry ice will work in a pinch but it's hard to control the amount of CO2 and can add up money wise over time. Another way would be using a Paintball CO2 and regulator. It only cost $4-5 to refill and depending on how much you use, could last a month or two. This of course is for a smaller grow.
Vanessa Del Gato (1 year ago)
IMHO, there isn't much CO2 in the soda, so the difference will be miniscule.
Money Mike (1 year ago)
sodastream works good for me
Chris (1 year ago)
best would be if u put some wholes into the tubing (or go for a connecter that ends up in several tubes) and put it next to the plants (always good to have plants between co2 source and vent if the tent is not sealed
U Dario (1 year ago)
closer the better above plants
titan blueberry (1 year ago)
Money Mike i have a homemade generator also but im not sure if i should place the co2 outflow close to the plant or elsewhere
Ash Scott (1 year ago)
I just ferment a demijohn of wine in my grow box with the fans off. Alcohol and weed are good companions all the way from seed to joint! And screw the fans. Aint no mould growing in that atmosphere. Just remember that plants only need CO2 when the lights are on. When it's dark, they actually need oxygen, so the wine comes out and the fans go on
Rikki lee (2 years ago)
without light the plant cant turn it into sugar wouldnt it work better if u give your lights 1/3 throttle?? it takes the carbon and turns it to sugar and expells the oxygen out the bottom pores right?
BIO DYNAMO (1 year ago)
Rikki lee no I don't have a meter, so expensive. I was thinking for the little ones in a small space. I like the idea of directly applying the CO2 on the leaf with a low light so the protons and CO2 can react to produce the sugar. CO2 probably high enough anyway lol
Rikki lee (1 year ago)
any gas flame (wall heater) will put ur co2 at 1500 so a lot of people get more in the winter and dont know why. a gas wall heater the floor below keeps the ppm at 1550. id guess a water heater would do something???do you have a meter for co2?
BIO DYNAMO (1 year ago)
Rikki lee very interesting , I can see how that would work! I'll try it and let you know. thanks
Jonathan Handel (2 years ago)
ummm why wouldn't you just use a whipped cream dispenser without adding the cream? This is dumb, use the proper equipment or don't bother
Jonathan Handel (2 years ago)
when I say proper equipment I'm referring to a propane or tank injector. Even the DIY'S will only raise you up by 100 ppm in a tiny grow tent without the vent or intake on. Just put some $ aside after your crops harvest for real equipment.
Mike Chambers (2 years ago)
DONT USE CLUB SODA.....  Has various minerals some sodium based.  Seltzer is pure carbonated water....
Mr Kush (2 years ago)
your retarded.
NEWLIGHT RISING (1 year ago)
Derek Baker (1 year ago)
Mr Kush you're
Anthony Alexzander (2 years ago)
It is a shame that all the pioneers in this industry will be pushed out by big business when the Fed.s legalize cannabis. All the major pharm. co.'s in the USA and UK have filed for patents claiming cannabis kills cancer cells. The feds will give the industry to the pharm co.'s as the only legal growers and distributors. Structuring the industry this way will maximize their taxation. They can't tax us if they have no control over what people do in their homes. Big business always takes over any industry where there is a lot of money to make. It Is interesting that they do not want dispensaries to operate on a profit but the pharm. co.'s can.
Roger Girard (10 months ago)
Just dont buy it they need us to succeed !!!!
Minun Bradbury (1 year ago)
Anthony Alexzander - this is what I keep telling folks. it's like, how many tobacco farmers does anyone know. Big Pharma will take it over. If being illegal is the alternative, I vote illegal.
max bojanich (2 years ago)
NOT TRUE... NO CO2 WITH THIS METHOD ...CMON .dont disturb the co2 and then ur making it go thru the sprayer...makes no sense
Jacob Hancock (2 years ago)
stoners make the worst videos.
D m (2 years ago)
+Jacob Hancock that isnt true dude, shitty video makers make shitty videos.
FrankDiggz (2 years ago)
Plants absorb co2 as a gas through the stoma.
FrankDiggz (2 years ago)
A much better cheap alternative: bottle with baking soda in it. Pour in vinegar, zip up tent / close up room. Repeat daily or weekly
Stefan Bachrodt (10 months ago)
This is a highly reactive catalytic reaction, ideally you would like a slower release such as the sugarwater and yeast or better, citric acid and yeast methods.
Rikki lee (2 years ago)
ya thats the way for closet growers. then u can do a long term w warm sugar water and yeast
FrankDiggz (2 years ago)
The co2 in bubbles will pop when it reaches the water surface and collect into the top of ur spray bottle. Since the intake tube on the spray bottle is submerged, you won't be putting much co2 onto your plants! Use bottles, tubes, and yeast mixtures if u can't afford a co2 generator. "Mainlining co2" does not work. Co2 is a gas
FrankDiggz (2 years ago)
I agree with gmecomber. Rather than spraying ur plants with seltzer, just sing your favorite song to your plants, then u dont have to mess with the light cycle
Rip Sumrall (3 years ago)
Buds and Brew.... while making beer CO2 is released during the fermentation process.
rob fogg (4 years ago)
Should show us how instead of telling it with a continous view of the plants
deonmcfizzle89 (4 years ago)
What type of seltzer water would you recommend?
PyscoKiller711 (4 years ago)
help ohio legalize it!! http://www.thepetitionsite(dot)com/9/legalize-medical-marijuana-in-ohio/#confirm
Filip Petrić (5 years ago)
How about, go in grow room, breathe.
scott mylar (1 year ago)
Fic carbon monoxide. and carbon dioxide there's a drifference
Tristan p. (5 years ago)
thats stupid. put a bucket over your grow with some warm water, n drop a peace of dry ice in it. pure co2 (:
BubbaLouis (5 years ago)
Refrigerate the seltzer or club soda to keep CO2 from escaping.
pauln11 (5 years ago)
100 bottles at $1-1.50 = $400? Ok Norman... you sure that's not $100-150. Maybe you should invest in a calculator?
Brad H (5 years ago)
what a great idea props, but to guarantee pure carbonated water use a soda stream!!! Hope that helps :)
bob allen (5 years ago)
can u do it ever watering??
gmecomber (5 years ago)
Just since it doesn't always translate through text, I didn't mean that in a rude way. I was joking around; just making sure you knew.
acapolcogold (5 years ago)
yeh thats what i do the just basically me breathing in my room when im doing various chores is a good free way to give your girls a lil c02 obviously not as beneficial as this or an actual c02 tank but for sure doesn't hurt ex specially if your in your grow room frequently
gmecomber (5 years ago)
Talking for 3 minutes and 34 seconds also gives plants CO2.
eric sanchez (5 years ago)
SpankyFC (5 years ago)
Lol This is a copied video. I just watched the original 10 min ago. lmao
Michael Slack (5 years ago)
Now thats clever!
christian worth (6 years ago)
It costs 5 bucks for a club soda in AUS. lmao but anyway it will work the plants will get some co2 from the bubbles dissolving near the stomata (mouths). But in will not raise the rooms co2 ppm for long periods of time during light hours which makes the big overall difference. If your spraying em with CLUB SODA you should just put em in a back pack and take those bitches out to dinner and romance em.
Moon Hitsearth (6 years ago)
I poured some right into the soil and they seemed to like it.
Stefan Bachrodt (10 months ago)
Roots want oxygen not co2. You're talking shit.

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