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CODELAPSE: Give command generator for minecraft 1.7+

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Since 1.7 added data tags to /give.. I wrote this program. This program is very elaborate at generating and easy to manipulate. Enjoy :) PS. My code is really incompact.. it took 300 lines to write this simple yet complex app. Also, I use a lot of 'if' statements lol compatible with WINDOWS. No mac or linux unfortunately DOWNLOAD: http://bit.ly/1fQMlld if bit ly didn't work. Try this : http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/windows17map-making-tool-give-command-generator-no-need-of-memorizing-that-stupid-data-tags-version-10/ =================================== Whoopsies.. forgot to credit the music creator.. Music by kevin macleod : "The complex" www.incompetch.com

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Text Comments (13)
Klapped YT (1 year ago)
how can i color the name of the item?
Ivan 2 (2 years ago)
cant works (sorry for my bad english im argentine)
Aimon Zralt (2 years ago)
благодарю с меня нравится
Sub B (3 years ago)
it would have been better if you show the item ids!
Валера Lillikon (3 years ago)
rashzX (3 years ago)
Good work ;) 
moo3oo3oo3 DaKow (4 years ago)
Adding enchants always gives me protection 0, why?
TEAM FIVE (4 years ago)
Thanks i think it can be very usefull
Asger Jensen (4 years ago)
How does this work? I downloaded it but i dont know where or how i put the enchants and stuff into my singleplay?
Asger Jensen (4 years ago)
JustinsRealmMC (4 years ago)
It only generate a command. Try giving yourself a command block and paste the generated command and run it. Tell me if it didn't work since I didn't test all of it. 
JustinsRealmMC (4 years ago)
:O no 720p.. weird.. I forced this video to render at 720p... screw that If anyone noticed that I google something.. those are data tags not the code itself.. (Mc wiki)
Thomas Last (4 years ago)
... in your newest version, i found out that u have the "can destroy" but u dont have can place?

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