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How To Make A Generator That Runs On Coca-cola! (Experiment!)

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It Runs on Coca-cola!!! Chemical Reactions- Aluminum + water 2Al + 6H2O = 2Al(OH)3 + 3H2 Aluminum + water + Sodium Hydroxide 2Al + 2NaOH + 6H2O = 2NaAl(OH)4 + 3H2 (Experimental Fun) Aluminum naturally reacts with water but it quickly forms an aluminum oxide on the aluminum surface and that protects it from the water. I used sodium hydroxide to clean off the aluminum oxide from the cans so that it could react with the water that is inside coca-cola, when this happens it releases large volumes of hydrogen gas. The reaction gets hot and can produce lots of steam and chemical vapors, I ran the gas through a long pipe first to act as a condenser to help eliminate the steam and then through a water bubbler and carbon filter so it would clean out any remaining steam and and chemical vapors, the hydrogen then runs into the engine intake and is used as the fuel to run the Engine. If you liked this video then don't forget to subscribe, more awesome experiments to come! Thanks For Watching

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Text Comments (2513)
Lino Ababon (19 hours ago)
That was amazing broken the coca cola bottle
elated magician (22 hours ago)
Coca cola is injurious to the health of dogs
A fake video
Leodelvis Gonzalez (2 days ago)
Maestro mis respeto 😮👍
حسون الملكي (2 days ago)
لو مشتري جداحه الربع همين احسلك يامنعول الوالدين
What Happened? (2 days ago)
No one ever makes these they just watch
iqbal maknojiya (3 days ago)
Where i get this all items
Un utente accaso (3 days ago)
You are fucking genius
Ricky S (3 days ago)
Make one that runs on vodka
Kakesu Official (3 days ago)
still needs an outer source of energy to start.
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A four stroke engine would be more practical as you don't need oil
DeathKidgaming (3 days ago)
This is super cool but how long does it really run for?
Andry yrdnA (3 days ago)
No cola Water!!!!
Positive Yash (4 days ago)
Very nice
Not Peter (4 days ago)
could this work with any soda?
Varun Kanojia (4 days ago)
Not Peter (4 days ago)
i like to see your math.
Sam N (4 days ago)
I’m too dumb to understand a lot of this big words If u judge me I’m just a kid so now u can’t judge me
TheSavageCat (4 days ago)
He sure does like cutting up cans
TheSavageCat (4 days ago)
Why put an air filter? All the gas is going in there not in the tube.
TheSavageCat (4 days ago)
Why he let dog break can? Why he put metal in coke? Why? Why? Why?
Reso Mathison (4 days ago)
Make multiple of these,connect them all together and make a Tesla coil with them plz
Gameplay Hungarian (4 days ago)
fuck off man
RgTv (5 days ago)
a это видео на Русском когда будет ?
Game Adiator (6 days ago)
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moe joe (6 days ago)
you complicated it to make it hard to copy ,the concept very simple acid +base =free H2+salt some chemical need metal catalyst. you can skip the electric starter &start it manually ,you can skip hydrogen burner ,etc
listfa TV (5 days ago)
Birendra Sah (8 days ago)
Which things need made this generator
ATIF IMAM (4 days ago)
The Mad Guy (9 days ago)
Oh wow another wanna be invento
Ultimate Tamil (9 days ago)
How many voltage will conduct on motor
Anton Montonen (9 days ago)
But.. You didnt make power from cocacola? You maked power from water inside it and with NaOH which makes powerful catalyte when add aluminium.. And then we have NaAlO and H3 or am I really wrong?
aditya pratap (10 days ago)
Hey is that it's dangerous
alex ten (11 days ago)
Can i do this in out side?
sandhya yerenane (11 days ago)
this experaimant is woo
Tom Jacobs (11 days ago)
I have sodium hydroxide at home for cleaning beer bottles ... If i fill a can with water and this i will get hydrogen ? :D
Mamta Maurya (12 days ago)
islam Aashik (12 days ago)
Which class
islam Aashik (12 days ago)
U r vry intilijen
Shubhan (12 days ago)
What can we do with this ? Can anyone tell me please?
PapyPuns154 (12 days ago)
Were did u get magic scissers ;)
PapyPuns154 (12 days ago)
IQRA EJAZ (12 days ago)
Are you a scientist or somthing
Nitin Varma (13 days ago)
bhai I have tried and it's working
Manoj Rathaud (13 days ago)
Very good
L DeGrave (15 days ago)
You could just run the hose through a water turbine and use that to power the generator, but other than that it's awesome
AHMED MOATAFA (15 days ago)
مو حلو
Rinku Yadav (15 days ago)
अरे भाई मेरे को चाहिए इंजन कहां मिलेगा प्लीज9574353781
kareem yasser (15 days ago)
I like it
Furr (15 days ago)
Your video will make any oil and gas company sweat their pants
Sanjay Prajapati (15 days ago)
very good i
Jab Hutt (15 days ago)
Want those scissors badly!
Solomon S. Buyco (16 days ago)
There should be a storing device for hydrogen... like a balloon, maybe?
Nick Watts (16 days ago)
"Ahhhhh SUPER!!!!!!"
kristaps un ralfs (16 days ago)
Wery cool
you make every experiment fun in every way i hope you the greatest luck tottaly luv all the vids 🙂🙂🙂🙂😄
Amala Rajan (18 days ago)
please see the video
pappuprasadyadav (18 days ago)
Which pressure gauge is this and how to connect it pls hlp....
gelatin shoked (18 days ago)
Reactor core
Joney Kansal (18 days ago)
Pakistani craft (18 days ago)
Pou lomi (19 days ago)
can I try this as school project?
Dipan Sarki (19 days ago)
Dipan Sarki (19 days ago)
Fancy Guy (19 days ago)
Maroti Bule (20 days ago)
From where the engine are brought
This video has to have 10M likes
Jeff Sam (20 days ago)
他的广告到一狠毒还给我是的是的是不是 宝 两个小时
Jeff Sam (20 days ago)
Maniac Rebooted (21 days ago)
does it run on vodka?
Stupid Engineer (21 days ago)
why you wasting my time.?
Abdul Rashid (21 days ago)
Sabina Khan (22 days ago)
Time for Anime (22 days ago)
That motor can run HHO?
Είναι τελιο
SgtLion (24 days ago)
Runs on Water*
Wyatt Johnson (24 days ago)
Awsome video, gonna use this for my science project
Morgan Thomas (24 days ago)
0:52 should be a arrow not equals just saying but great video
Mar Mar (24 days ago)
I feel so... Effecient
BugcuBABALAR (24 days ago)
Beynim Coca-Cola ya kaçtı
GAMING MACHINE (25 days ago)
That's really cool😎 New sub on ur channel
levyy Machado (26 days ago)
brasileiro alô aquel aí
Priyank Chauhan (26 days ago)
How to get 25 cc 2 Stock engine bro
aditya soni (26 days ago)
Rohan P (27 days ago)
Angelo Herrera2236 (27 days ago)
The oil due to the viscosity cannot go through the tiny jets or holes in the carburetor used to previously dispense gasoline/oil previously. Which is a lot less viscous. With this setup the engine should last a good hour or so and then seize up. Not hating. Constructive criticism. Love the idea! Would like to see this improved on! Nice craftsmanship.
uwik cilik (27 days ago)
Paradoxical Nightmare (27 days ago)
I don't get it, why not use salt water, add a very hot water heater to split the components into Hydrogen and Clorine (You can sell this for money too). You can modify an engine to burn it and the resulting byproduct is Water when the Hydrogen fuses freely with another Hydrogen and Oxygen to readily create H2O. You get Energy to power a car, and clean water.
Anna Marszewska (27 days ago)
Nice But you losing hydrogen in air filter Why you don't accumulate it?
CrypticBlueHue (27 days ago)
How long will it run on seven cans of cola and can you power more with it than small lights? Like could you charge 12 Volt batteries with this? Just curious, I'm doing research on alternative energy sources and this concept seems really cool :3
Fumiko Sakiko (27 days ago)
Where the fvck would we get sodium hydroxide if were in a zombie apocalypse tho
Crappy Angel (27 days ago)
It's a really impressive work you got there. the fact that there is no smoke generated means that the engine is not using gasoline as fuel to rig the video. but my question is, how long can 6 cans of coke keep the reaction continuing? this can clearly be used as an alternative to small gasoline fueled generator but how far can 6 cans of coke can take you?
المسافر (28 days ago)
Thes is were
Ionut Costean (29 days ago)
coca cola is more expensive than fuel :D
how do you keep the 2 stroke from blowing up the motor requires oil in the fuel mixture??
never mind I just seen you put oil in the reservoir
LaLaT jAnTaN BBA (30 days ago)
It is 1sroke
Aadarsh Sah (30 days ago)
Experimental Fun.. What is the use of Coke here???

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